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Terry W. Lewycky (Sr. Partner)

A communications professional with twenty years experience in marketing, advertising, public relations and the use of new information technology. Terry's numerous major public awareness, advertising and public relations campaigns have included messages about economic development opportunities, tourism locations, job creation initiatives, environmental awareness concerns and social advocacy programs.

* specialist in social marketing and communication management.

* highly motivated team player with a proven track record in communication system auditing, design and administration.

* a recognized authority on the use of the Internet and the creation of new information knowledge communities of interest.

Terry holds a master's degree in Political Studies and Public Administration, is fluent in three languages and has had experience in over 60 countries. Having worked at both the political and administrative level of government, Terry's 1993 thesis on government communications is an original analysis on comparative models of government administrative publicity practises.

Dennis G. Lewycky

A recognized communications facilitator with 25 years experience in public affairs, community participation and public consultation and creation. Dennis's skills have been utilized in such sensitive issues as water management consultations in Palestine, new bio- technology regulatory policy and international AIDS programming.

A specialist in getting the most effective results from:

* large and small group dynamics (workshops, conferences, public forums and negotiations),

* effective information resources (educational materials, mass media), and

* citizen involvement (community issues,public awareness campaigns, multi-stakeholder consultations).

Dennis is a published author and holds a Masters degree in Journalism. He has lived and worked for many years in the U.S., Africa and the Caribbean, both with CUSO and as former Director for Public Affairs and Education of OXFAM-Canada.

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