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Terry Wm. Lewycky Phd.



Communication Management, Advocacy Marketing and Public Relations

Terry Lewycky's background and experience includes an MA (1993) in Political Studies and Public Administration and a Phd.(2009) in Communications. He has worked as a senior communication manager in government, promoting tourism and sustainable economic development, and has served as director of international education and marketing for a major Canadian technical college (2005). He has also managed numerous national and international advocacy marketing and public awareness campaigns as an independent consultant.

As a consultant Terry has delivered television campaigns on water conservation in Egypt; political communications and PR training for new politicians in Eastern Europe; promoted international training in China and consulted to and represented the Government of Canada at Middle-East Peace Process discussions on water issues and public education. He has established hospitality and water treatment training programs in Mexico and provided consultation on tourism promotion, infrastructure development and industry awareness programs in Morocco and Canada.

Terry's 1993 master's thesis on Government Information Services was an original analysis of comparative models of government communications and administrative publicity (UofM). His 2009 doctoral dissertation is a similarly unique examination of the language and narrative used when discussing water in the Red River Valley of the Upper Midwest (UND). Terry completed his Phd. in 2009 and has taught and lectured on advertising, administrative publicity and advocacy communication at the University of Manitoba, the University of Winnipeg and most recently in the Communication Program at the University of North Dakota.

He was the recipient of a UND Graduate Fellowship in 2008 and UND Scomm Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award in 2006-07. He was the originator and first President of the Manitoba Blue Sky Community Computer FreeNet (1995), past Chair of Communications for the Canadian Association of International Development Consultants (1998), Sec/Treasurer to Prairie International Consulting Cooperative (PICC)(1998-2011) and a member of the Premier of Manitoba's Economic Development Advisory Council Immigration Sub-Committee (2003).

Terry has travel and work experience in over 100 countries and is a member of the Travelers' Century Club (TCC). He has filed stories from the Empire of Central Africa, Tibet, Mongolia, Burma, Cambodia and Bolivia. He has crossed the Sahara, Gobi and Atacama deserts, paddled the Amazon and Nile, traversed the Panama and Suez canals... rounding the Strait of Hormuz, and rode the Trans-Siberian and Alaskan Highway in search of travel stories. His roots are in rural Manitoba and present home is in Winnipeg, Canada. Now semi-retired, Terry pursues his interests in eastern philosophy, travel and family. He is owner and President of InfoPak Communication providing specialized communication management, consulting and advisory services since 1983.

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